About Us -

To organize a successful tour to any place in the world, a couple of ingredients are a must:

  • Travel Experience.
  • Full knowledge of the area.
  • Ability to understand the traveler's needs and desires.
  • Creativity.

Our staff, mostly originally from South America, has a vast experience in the travel industry organizing specialty tours for over twenty years.

Guillermo Rodrigues, president & owner of Zohar Tours, has been in the travel business since 1981.

At the beginning he acted as a tour conductor for thousands of high school graduate travelers throughout Argentina, Brazil and Chile, arranging from the air/ground transportation to the lodging and organizing from conventional to very sophisticated and specialized tours.

As a result of his wide knowledge of the area and the potential of the industry, in 1990, he was transferred from an Incoming Tour Operator Company in Buenos Aires, to organize the North American sales office with base in New York.

For several years he was the creator of many leisure, cultural and sports packages that have been placed in the market by major travel groups and consortiums in The United States and Canada.

Due to increasing demand, Zohar Tours has expanded by adding a division that offers apart hotels in New York City, Chicago, Washington, Miami and several cities in Europe.

Your next tour to South America could be the best trip in your life, just by giving Zohar Tours the opportunity to demonstrate what an expert in the area can do for you.